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Gravestones for Chicago, IL Cemeteries

Families in Chicago, Illinois have been buying gravestones for Chicago cemeteries from Troost for generations. View photos, get prices and get ideas for sayings and epitaphs to be inscribed on a gravestone. Gravestones built by Troost have been set above the graves of the departed in Chicago's most prestigious cemeteries, including Rosehill Cemetery, Queen of Heaven Cemetery, Graceland Cemetery, Arlington Cemetery, Burr Oak Cemetery, All Saints Cemetery, Oak Woods Cemetery, Elm Lawn Memorial Park, Elmwood Cemetery, St. Adalbert Cemetery, Oakridge Glen Oak Cemetery, Chapel Hill Gardens West Cemetery, Mount Emblem Cemetery, Mt. Carmel Catholic Cemetery, Chicago's Catholic cemeteries and other cemeteries in Cook County. Click here for phone numbes and addresses of cemeteries in Chicago, Illinois and to read reviews and ratings from

The Peter Troost Monument Company memorialists and headstone designers are experts at designing, building, carving, engraving, polishing and etching granite gravestones. The company is currently managed by Lisa Troost, a 5th generation family member who learned the art of building and designing gravestones, monuments and headstones from her father Frank Troost and her grandfather. Our certified memorialists design gravestones on a computer using a CAD (computer aided design) system.

Most Chicago cemeteries have guidelines that permit lawn level markers and/or raised family monuments, both of which are considered gravestones. Our gravestones are made from granite, which is one of the most durable stones available. We can engrave one name, and the date of birth, and date of death, or multiple names and dates on the gravestones we design. We can also etch or laser engrave a portrait from a photograph on the gravestone. Lawn level markers are lawn level gravestone prices usually start around $500.00. Raised family monument and raised family gravestone prices usually start around $3,995.00. Click here for more information on gravestone pricesClick here to read some example epitaphs that are inscribed on gravestones. Epitaphs are sayings that are inscribed on a gravestone and are usually written or chosen to pay tribute to the deceased. In some cased, the person honored by the gravestone chose the saying before their death. In other cases, the epitaph is chosen by the family members who are involved in the funeral, burial and purchase of the gravestone.

Pictured below are gravestones designed and built by the Peter Troost Monument Company. They include the Walton family gravestone for Mary Alice, the Smith family gravestone for Milton J. and Sarah R., the Troyke family gravestone for Naomi Ruth and the Simpson family gravestone for Jane L.

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There is something special to say about everyone but summarizing a life in just a few words can be very difficult.
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